Loops & Chapters ... your player!

Create chapters and loops for exactly the content you want. Accurate to 100th of a second.

A chapter and a loop to the same segment:
code for loop link :
<a href="#demoVimeo" onclick=" PractiseMaster.PageSupport.PMloop('demoVimeo', 5, 6)">Loop 5 to 6</a>
code for chapter link:
<a href="#demoVimeo" onclick=" PractiseMaster.PageSupport.PMchapter('demoVimeo', 5, 6)">Play 5 to 6 once, as chapter</a>

Most time formats are accepted: HH:MM:SS.UUU, MM:SS.UUU or SS.UUU or just SS. And time formats are interchangeable, for example 01:30.000 can just be 90!

As on the Demo Player page:
code for video div :
<practise-master id="demoVimeo" class="static" data-plyr-provider="vimeo" data-plyr-embed-id="355114615"></practise-master>
CDN for PractiseMaster script :

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